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Buy Indica Online Critical Mass’ genetics come from a fusion between pure Indica Afghani landrace weed strain and 65% Indica-dominant Skunk #1. The strain’s THC level is respectably high at 19% to 23% and its CBD level is 0.07%.

Critical Mass cannabis has itself undergone fusion with the slightly sativa-heavy (55%) hybrid OG Kush to produce 90% indica-leaning Critical Kush strain , with a THC level of 23% and CBD measured at 0.1%.

Noted cannabis growers and developers Dinafem Seeds has produced another offspring, CBD Critical Mass, by pairing the original Critical Mass with an unnamed strain from CBD Crew grow house; CBD Critical Mass has a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio and, when toked or dabbed, provides to the individual user some very indica-dominant effects!

Like Critical Mass, CBD Critical Mass is excellent treatment for varied conditions like loss of appetite, insomnia, muscular and nervous pain, and depression.

Critical Plus marijuana strain (also known as Critical +) is a sort of sibling to Critical Mass, born also from Skunk No. One when it was crossbred with Big Bud strain; Critical Plus strain is a 50% sativa/50% indica strain with 15 – 20% THC, and is considered a very good evenly balanced hybrid.

Although this isn’t a Big Bud strain review, we can tell you that it has an interesting history because it was originally a homegrown American weed strain, but the 1980’s War on Drugs forced it underground and it resurfaced in the Netherlands, under the care and control of world-famous Dutch breeder Sensi Seeds.

Like Critical Mass, Big Bud strain is known for unusual nugs; in the case of Big Bud it really does have really massive buds, or flowers!

There is also a three-way cross between Big Bud, Skunk #1 and White Widow called Super Critical Cannabisstrain – or Super Critical Mass – that is 70% indica-heavy with a THC level around 18%; Super Critical Mass would be another sibling to Critical Mass.

Critical Mass marijuana strain, along with THC Bomb, Big Bud and Blue Dream is considered among the best if not the best indoor strain for yield and potency – in fact, Critical Mass has been referred to as the ‘Blue Dream of Europe’ for that very reason, and is very popular throughout the continent.

The Critical Mass terpene profile has a similar cannabinoid makeup as the Blue Dream terpene profile, both strains are known for full-body relaxation, a wonderful body high, effects accompanied by cerebral uplift.

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