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Buy Green Crack, there is nothing manmade about this natural and green bud. It will, however, leave you wanting more and more once you get a glimpse of the energetic and upbeat high it has to offer. This strain won’t send you crashing, and has a nice comedown too.

That being said, Green Crack is perfect for morning or daytime use when you need a little boost to get you through the day.

With its explicit name said to have been dubbed by rapped Snoop Dogg himself, Green Crack is a 100% pure strain, grow all natural like any other real cannabis strain, either in an indoor or outdoor setting, no association with illegal narcotics involved, just all-natural reefer.

Much as the name implies, Green Crack is truly a marijuana strain that will have you hooked and constantly coming back for more once you have tasted its potent and energizing high. However, it isn’t just the high that makes Green Crack consumers notoriously obsessive.

Rather, its ability to uplift and heal anyone that tries it, gives it such a prolific reputation, with medical cannabis patients finding it to be particularly therapeutic, helping bring relief to an immense range of medical conditions and symptoms.

Due to the controversy of its name, consumers have often begun calling this uplifting strain Green Cush, to steer away from any association with drugs that are unnatural, harmful to the health and highly addictive.

Even though Green Crack weed is stimulating and exhilarating, it never leaves you feeling jittery or overly energized. An especially amazing daytime strain for those who need a little extra to get them through their long day, or an after work pick-me-up that will ground and center them once again.

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